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Photographer's Statement

Stories often get buried underneath unsaid words or silenced by social norms as not being worthy of being heard. As a photojournalist these are the stories that I'm most hungry for, to discover what’s underneath the unsaid words and how to make that come alive visually. The freedom book project brought together women from across the US to tell their personal stories of freedom. During the time when the Producer, Lynda Nguyen, was formulating the layout for the book, the #metoo movement had just jumped into main stream media, hitting the hearts of so many women and men from around the world whom felt they had been marginalized or silenced either by being sexually assaulted or verbal abused or in some way caught in the patriarchy web, were ready to express their stories. 

During a two year period, over 20+ women and a transgender male came together to speak from their hearts about their personal stories towards freedom, that might help other women and men heal, transform, and find the courage to rise above the ashes and take a stand for personal and global sovereignty. Some of these women and men had never been in front of the camera for a professional photo shoot, and their vulnerability was palpable; their rawness, told stories that will last forever


About the Book 

Breaking The Rules. Telling The Truth To Freedom. 20 Women. 20 Bold Truth-Telling Stories. Powerful Evocative Photography. Every Woman's Right To Self-Expression. Inspiring and heartrending stories honoring a diversity of female voices and their individual journeys to personal FREEDOM through sexual trauma, heartbreak, grief, motherhood, sexual empowerment, leadership and sisterhood.
Produced by Lynda Nguyen

"The pictures you took literally  changed my life!
They brough out confidence & self love, that I didn't know I had."

Cecilia Sandoval, Freedom Book, Los Angeles

TO SAY....

 "It is time. This book breaks the rules for real; outdated, unfair, and biased rules. Demolishing the "be polite, have a fake smile, be seen and not heard" rules that women had to suffer and be restrained by for generations, reminding women that the time is now to stand up and be seen. In these pages, incredibly courageous, vulnerable and powerful women of diverse backgrounds share their journeys and life stories.. These women are examples to women all over the world, and reminders to men to honor, respect and appreciate all women."
Barry Selby, Los Angeles



"The raw courage, sensuality, elegance, sweetness and humor that come through the exquisite photos by Julianne Reynolds are stunning."

Bruce Cryer



"The images are raw real and beautiful! Stunning!" 

J. Crothers



"Beautiful images along
with the powerful
yet vulnerable words."

Gabriela Hernandez 

IMG_9932 copy.jpg


 "The photographs were stunning, each of these women embodied the meaning of feminine and freedom of expression."
R Frank


The Soul of a Woman

"These women's stories are thought provoking, entertaining and emotional.  Let's face it men, as progressive as we want to be, Women are still the backbone of our lives, ergo of our society. These beautiful and touching stories all have a common theme of strength and vulnerability. This serves as an often needed reminder (especially to us men) that those two things are not antonyms, but they are complimentary traits that enhance one another. And the gorgeous photography that represents visually so many of the themes that the words express."

Kyle Smyth, LA

A  New Culture of Women

"Women have often been compelled to compete with each other, judge and criticize each other, and live in constant comparison and envy of each other. The images and stories in this luminous book help lay to rest the old way of competing and usher in the 'New Culture of Women'--a sisterhood that uplifts, honors, reverences each other. This book is a gem for any woman wanting to break free from shame and self-loathing, and liberate herself into joyful self-expression."

Anita Boeninger, NYC

Freedom Documentary

Freedom Documentary

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