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Julianne Reynolds is an international, award-winning film director/producer and photo-journalist with a decade of experience working in the media industry.  She began her film career in New York City while studying at the School for Visual Arts. Julianne relocated to Los Angeles and formed a digital media company, Digital Vie teaming with Paramount Pictures to launch the first digital platform in Los Angeles. This inaugural media project helped Julianne launch Romanski Films as an independent film company with a mission for social action based films and branded content on a global level.  


Julianne's magnetism to beauty juxtaposition to important causes is a unique blend that gives her a sophisticated eye for the unseen. Her style is beyond time, and intuitively driven to connect with the world and people to tell real stories directly from the heart. Julianne is also an editor, cutting the vast majority of her commercial and documentary film works.


Romanski Films Film Awards




"Aware compassionate filmmaker with an eye for the beauty in every situation."


"Julianne is the real deal. She can see beyond what others can, & has insight to creating transformational content, that has power."



Julianne is  a woman

worth keeping an eye on."

Julianne is in post-production for her second, feature documentary film, The Mother Matrix, shot in the village of southern India, and just finished directing and writing feature length documentary, It Takes A Village. Julianne is in production on a short documentary film about the ancient music of the Langa Musicians, from the That Desert of India, which was just nominated to be in the Rishikesh International Film Festive. Julianne, recently returned from Africa filming for a documentary on the iconic wildlife biologies, Allan Savory.

Julianne has been allocated several awards, but it most noted for "her excellence in the arts", granted by the Charles Forbes Foundation. Julianne has filmed some of the top spiritual, musical and scientific masters in the world, which includes, Pia Zia Inayat-Khan, Krishna Das, Mooji, Amritananda Guruji, Swami Vidyadhishananda, Mark S.G. Dyczkowski, and Allan Savory. Her most notable experience was in 2010 when she had the honor to film, Wangari  Maathai, 2004 Nobel Price Winner from Africa.

Julianne’s film work have appeared in, “No Subtitles Necessary,” 2010 Emmy Nomination, “Breast’s”, a short documentary she directed, Official Selection for the New York Independent International Film Festival, Farewell to Harry, and Best Film at the Seattle International Film Festival, Bhairavi Sky, Best Film at the Utah Dance Film Festival & 2017 Gold Kahuna Award for Short Film. Julianne's short film, Unarmed Perspective, Answers in Unusual Place, has been selected for the Roselle Park International film festival, Power of Dance, directed and filmed by Julianne, Official Selection for Ocean City Film Festival, Motherblood, directed by Julianne, Official Selection for World of Women Film Fair Middle East and given an Award for Story in the Canada International Shorts film festival.


In addition, Julianne’s film work has appeared in several independent films and most recently featured on CNN and WDR TV in Germany. She's currently in post-production for a feature film she is directing and producing about women in the world, part of a book she photographed called, "Freedom".

Julianne Reynolds, International Documentary Filmmaker and Photographer
Julianne Reynolds, International Documentary Filmmaker and Photographer
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