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julianne l. reynolds

Documentarian of Stories

Julianne Reynolds has over 15 years of experience in documentary, narrative storytelling, working out in the field as a cinematographer, producer, writer and film editor. Her approach to the art of storytelling is rooted in the hero's journey and the three-act structure.
As a professional in the field of documentary filmmaking, Julianne provides a proficient, creative and results-driven strategies
too help craft the story 
you want to tell.

"I'm a passionate Filmmaker, always looking for new challenges and opportunities for collaborations. The process of narrative storytelling is listening from a calm and centered place, to listen to what the story has to tell you, from here I can see the film cut." 

Please browse my film and photo stories which highlight my creative work, and get in touch with any questions. 

The Art
of Story

Do you have dreams of being a documentary filmmaker, a story teller, and you don't know where to start. Let me help you with my step by step process. It doesn't what stage or age you are, I'm a story creator. Before you step out into the world of documentary filmmaking, you have to first know who you are.


Then the process begins.

How Does it work?

The process of mentoring begins with an eagerness with a story to tell, and a vision towards your own personal growth. This process can be done in person, with One-Hour sessions, or on a Zoom Call. 

Please note: Part V Tools has to be a in-person. 

The Course is within You

Part I - Who are you.

We dive into who you are.

Part II - The Art of Genres

What type of documentary do you want to make?

Part III - The Road Ahead

Know your craft.

Part IV - Film Equipment

The tools to tell my story.

Part V - Editing into story building

Technology as a tool to make but not to do.

Part VI - Film is a Collaborative Process

The business of communication and community building.

Part VII - Self Value

How to work with creative blocks and self confidence.

Part VIII - How to share your work.

Sharing stories with the world.

If you are interested in setting up a free 20 minute in-person or phone consultation, Let's Chat. My hourly rate is $125 an hour. 



"The process of making the film, "The Power of Dance" was a new and surprisingly vulnerable experience.  Since the first day, I was struck by Julianne Reynolds sensitivity in seeing a situation beyond the obvious and how she could convey a mood through her camera and editing work. So many times I heard her summarize my very personal intentions and vision to me, with perfect clarity and honesty… it was like looking in a mirror!

— Colleena Shakti, International Dancer & Film Producer, Athens, Greece

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"Working on the Film Motheblood, Brava!!! What a beautiful film you've created!! I really love what you're doing here... it's been so wonderful to collaborate and watch your vision unfold in making of this film."

— Susan Becker, Playwright of Motherblood Film, Boston, MA

" Julianne Reynolds is the wonderful filmmaker. She creates a lot of really powerful work. What an inspirational woman! I love her vision and clarity in her delivery."

— Maryam Shakiba, Artist & Odissi Dancer, London


“I have been working with Julianne on a documentary film for over two years, and between her editorial abilities, and talents on how to construct a story line that is compelling and thoughtful, she stays present the whole time and open to what the story has to teach her.  She is more then just a storyteller. She is creative, collaborative, and authentic in her approach to filmmaking."

— Corrine Champaingy, Film Producer, Nashville, TN

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