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My Healing Journey Towards Wholeness


Hello Friends, Family and Community,


 We are creating this fundraiser for our beloved goddess sister Julianne Reynolds.

Julianne said many people have been reaching out to her, reaching out to her, and wondering how they can help.


Julianne was recently diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer and has gone under intense treatments. As many of you know, over the past 20ty years she has given herself selflessly through her work and heartfelt offerings to the community and world at large. Humbly she doesn’t ask for much, but this is our time to give back to her and help her through this very challenging time.


Julianne, as you know, makes her living through her film and photographic works. When she was just getting her third test, the nurse sent for the doctor and the first question the doctor asked Julianne, aside from what the test results revealed was, what do you do for a living? It was at that pivotal moment Julianne knew her life would change and she wouldn't be able to work.


However out of the integrity of who Julianne is, she took some take the time to finish some of her big seasonal film/photo commitments (weddings, engagements, film edits, etc.), canceled what she knew she wouldn’t be able to do, and started treatments.

For decades Julianne has selflessly dedicated her work as a filmmaker, photographer and editor capturing sacred practices, sites, ceremonies and documenting international healers and artists by bringing their messages to a world so in need of connection.

Since Julianne’s diagnosis of breast cancer this weeks ago and subsequent treatments, her work as a filmmaker has been cut short. The rigorous physical demands of that work along with the focus, energy and artistic eye required for shooting on location and long editing hours are simply on hold and not possible for Julianne to physically do or complete right now.


Due to the fact, much of her work is physical and requires travel and heavy equipment, she hasn’t been able to work hardly at all. Chemotherapy has taken a huge physical toll on her body. All of this has been a financial burden on her, in addition to her medical costs and high deductible for her health insurance (there is a large deductible!), and any unexpected costs.

Julianne still has a long journey ahead of her into the early Summer of 2024 including completing chemotherapy treatments, surgery (surgeries), recovery from surgery and possible radiation treatments, and holistic treatments such as Ozone Therapy, Vitamin C therapies, and Ayurvedic, etc. which is very important to her.


Julianne has said so many people keep reaching out to her, and it's hard to get in contact with everyone but loves the community and feel so blessed to feel so much love.


We’re hoping that Julianne can take this time to heal, and not be financially stressed but too continue on her path towards wholeness, and be of service to the community and world with her bright spirit.

We all love this incredible woman who has blessed each of our lives in countless ways! Your

support now is much appreciated.

With love from Julianne’s friends,

Ann Ellis & Janice Craig

Thank You & Luv You

Julianne Reynolds
Venmo @jromanska
Please send if possible Friends & Family


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