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"I watched your short film “Unarmed Perspective: Answers in Unexpected Places”. It was very well done and I love that style of voice over narrative giving the perspective of the filmmaker."

Kevin S. Bright,
Emmy Award, Executive Producer & Director of Comedy TV Series, Friends



The Power of Dance - Colleena Shakti Documentary
Julianne Reynolds

The Power of Dance - Colleena Shakti Documentary

Never has there been an artist to capture the essence of dance with such grace and respect as Colleena Shakti. She has been living in India for the past 15 years, studying Odissi and Rajasthani dance and using these art forms to express it on stage around the world through her own unique dance form called Fusion. Her mind is focused on higher aspirations - transcending the mundane, living beyond the ordinary. It's not the form of the dance that captures the audience when watching Colleena, but her thirst for the divine, and that alone is transformative. Colleena dedicates her life and dance to the power of her "lineage" and guru. But its even beyond that, for it takes passion to stay on a path that has many challenges for an American living in India, and being a foreigner. This inner calling to know and seek truth has not only changed her life, but changes those that have seen her on stage and have studied with her at the, Shakti School of Dance in Pushkar, India. This short documentary, shot in India and the US, captures the essence of her mission to teach the importance of lineage, but it also captures the essence of the mystical path of that Colleena walks, in the world, on the stage and at home in India. Her students can only lend the most humble voice to Colleena's hard work as a teacher and dancer, but to Colleena the role she admires the most in her life is that of her being a "student", and staying curious, and striving for something higher. Filmed and produced by Julianne Reynolds For more information,
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