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Healing Journey
Towards Wholeness

Go Fund Me Page for Julianne 

Hello Friends, Family and Community,


 We are creating this fundraiser for our beloved goddess sister Julianne Reynolds.


Julianne was recently diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer. As many of you know, Julianne over the past 20ty years have given herself selflessly through her work and heartfelt offerings to the community and world at large. Humbly she doesn’t ask for much, but this is our time to give back to her and help her through this very challenging time.


Julianne, as you know, makes her living through her film and photographic works on an international level. When she got diagnosed, the first question the doctor asked her was, what do you do?


When Julianne first got the news of her cancer, she decided out of the integrity of who she is, to take the time to finish some of her big seasonal film/photo commitments (weddings, engagements, etc.), canceled what she knew she wouldn’t be able to do, and started treatments.


Due to the fact, much of her work is physical and requires travel and heavy equipment, she hasn’t been able to work hardly at all. Chemotherapy has taken a huge physical toll on her body. All of this has been a financial burden on her, in addition to her medical costs and high deductible for her health insurance.


If you know Julianne, she’s never had any healthy issues and being diagnosed with Breast Cancer was a huge surprise for her.  After losing 90% of her business during COVID, and moving to New Jersey to be a care-taker for her elderly mother and then being hit with Breast Cancer and the intense treatments, we are hoping we can raise some funds to help her with her unexpected medical costs as well as so that she can pursue other forms of healing such as acupuncture, Ayurveda and Ozone therapy to help her recovery.


Julianne has said so many people keep reaching out to her, and it's hard to get contact everyone but loves the community and feel so blessed to feel so much love.


We’re hoping that Julianne can take this time to heal, and not be financially stressed but too continue on her path towards wholeness, and be of service to the community and world with her bright spirit.


Love and infinite Gratitude,

Janice and Ann

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