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Sharing Stories with the World

Julianne l Reynolds


Julianne Reynolds is an award winning, international filmmaker and photographer.
Every picture is an opportunity to create a unique work of art.

I am surrounded both by natural beauty and interesting people.
The lens is my place to explore the unlimited possibilities in the human spirit.

I'm a storyteller. 

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Telling stories is my way of
exploring the meaning of life
through the lens of filmmaking.
I see story everywhere, and
every story belongs to the world
of the imagination.

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Hight quality photos seen
through a different lens. 
I work 
with natural light
& studio lighting using the
camera as  way to explore

 the unseen. We create magic
& beauty  together.

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Through my prints & photo books, I invite you to bring a bit of my stories into your life, home or sanctuary. New prints are released monthly. So check back often &  stay connected! XO

Award winning Filmmaker


Rishikesh Internation Film Festival 2021
WINNER - Best Cinematography - Rishikesh Film Festival 2021.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - WTopanga Film Festival - 2021-3.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Santa Barbara Shorts Festival - 2022 (1)_edited.png
Paris Film Festival 2022.png



GSFF_SELECTION_LAUREL-removebg-preview (1).png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Brussels World Film Festival - 2022 (2).png
Julanne Reynold

"Keepers of the Song" film staring the Langa Musicians from the Thar  Desert of Rajasthan, India.  This ancient musical art form is under threat.
Despite india moving forward into a more global economy, the Langa Musicians have maintained a 
 lineage for well over a 1,000 years.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Dublin World Film Festival - 2022.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Stockholm Short Festival - 2022 (3).png
Documentary Film Project from Africa


FINALIST BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY - ABQ Indie Film Festival - 2023.png

"Maasai Women" documentary captures the cross roads of a changing world, with an ancient tribal culture having to meet modern day mindset of what freedom means for the modern day maasai women, and how this has roots in a community that see everyone as the whole.   

Award winning Photographer

Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 5.52.10 PM.png

"Julianne was such a joy to work with. A great day with great results. The pictures will be epic!"

Sandra Darnell, Actress, Film Producer, Entrepreneur, Los Angeles

Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 12.02.15 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 3.49.18 PM.png

"This was probably one of my favorite headshot sessions EVER! Huge love to the incomparable Julianne Reynolds for the collab."

Meredith Yund, Actress, Film Producer, Entrepreneur, Seattle, WA

Screen Shot 2022-05-12 at 4.03.24 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-07-16 at 3.29.15 PM.png

"I love all the images. Julianne nailed it. I got the shot I needed for my production campaign."

Brett Sullivan, Filmmaker, Tiktok Influencer Bernardsville, NJ

Seeking theMother

Documentary Film Project

"I watched your documentary. I was happy, my soul dancing because I see the seed of our New Earth finally sprouting welcoming Her Return. The way you caught the light and played with it, the color, the expression in the face, the twinkling in the eye, catching the right moment, that was brilliant. I bow to your boldness and courage in showing the rituals and to bring out its beauty and sacredness." Oodhaye Ramdhary, India


Misha Pevreall
Founder of The Moi Thread Project
Melbourne, Australia

"No one sees the way you do behind the lens.
It's unique.
You know how to bring
out the beauty in people.

Laura Lennon,
Atlanta, GA, Entrepreneur

"You are out in the world doing what you are meant to do. You embody things that matter in life. Your work is powerful"

Kathleen O'Clock,
Los Angeles, CA
Executive Film Producer

"The work that you're doing on a global level, with social action media projects is your life path, you can see
into the soul of people."

Julie Carmen,
Los Angeles, CA
Film Producer, Writer, Actress

"You are a superb filmmaker, Julianne.Your  perserevance shows in your work."

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